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Educational Vision and Goals

Educational Vision and Goals

1.Educational Vision:

(1) To perform academic inquiry into Chinese as a second language in terms of content and techniques.

(2) To discuss methods and materials used to teach Chinese to foreigner students and ethnic Chinese students born abroad.

(3) To train educators who possess ability in instructing foreign language learners.

(4) To understand the development of Chinese education in foreign lands.

(5) To produce professional and capable instructors who are able to perform research and study in Chinese language and literature.

2. Educational Goals:

(1) To train competent Chinese language instructors: bring instructors into contact with recent trends and views, professional knowledge, and educational techniques .

(2) To train researchers in teaching Chinese language/literature: to use both theory and practical methods.

(3) To train instructors who are able to design and compile teaching materials: to expand teaching materials and make the content lively and interesting.

(4) To collate information (foreign and domestic) from the literature on Chinese instruction and help to develop technology and media in Chinese language instruction.